Visit Phaistos and Knossos

Explore the two Minoan highlights the palace of Knossos – of King Minos and the second largest palace of Crete – of legendary King Radamanthys, Phaistos with a professional licensed guide. Knossos is situated on a low hill, named Kephala   close to Heraklion, on the northern part of the island. The tour that includes both archaeological sites is a full day tour , including the transportation arrangements with on of our company vehicles ( a Van or an SUV).

The palace of Phaistos, situated on a low hill, known as Kastri,  in the plain of Mesara .  To the south – south east lie the Asterousia mountains, named after Asterios mythical King of Crete. To the north you can see Psiloritis, the highest mountain of Crete and on the slopes opposite Phaistos, a famous Cave, the Kamares Cave, where thin and refined terracotta vessels were discovered ( thus named Kamares Ware, nowadays part of the exhibition of Heraklion Archaeological museum ).

Make arrangements for a private tour with your qualified licensed guide and explore Phaistos –  for a guided tour of the site and understand the architectural differences with Knossos and the different approach of the archaeological Survey responsible for the excavations. Continue for a tour of the palace of Knossos and understand the efforts of Sir Arthur Evans to recreate the palace.

You can pre arrange the tickets for the visit of both  archaeological sites, in order to avoid any lines, generally though the palace of Phaistos is not as busy as Knossos. The experience at Phaistos Palace is more intimate compared to Knossos. Not too much concrete, not too many restored levels, it looks a bit more original and of course the old palace phase is more clear. Enjoy  the advantage of walking through the palace without being hassled by many groups and can take the opportunity to discuss in depth about the Minoan Civilization. Due to the high temperatures during summer we recommend a visit in the afternoon, in the shade …

The tour is private and is upon request .

The duration is approximately 1 h and 15 min at Phaistos and 1h 45 min at Knossos can though last longer depending on the questions, interest etc. Transportation is included  with one of our company vehicles and if the group is larger than 7 participants we can arrange for a mini bus or bus.

devberryVisit Phaistos and Knossos